What we do

Established in 2012, CBC Marketing is a small consulting business that provides marketing expertise to businesses and properties to help them better connect to their public and target audiences through innovative marketing strategies, effective partnerships and unique and fun events.

Are you a property or not for profit that needs help finding partners?

Are you a business that hasn’t had the business results you hoped for from your sponsorships or partnerships?

We can help!

How we work

Whether you are a corporation or property, CBCM applies a simple but important process to create INNOVATIVE marketing solutions that meet business needs:

We understand your business, your objectives and your customers/target audience;
We evaluate your current events, partners, sponsorships and internal programs;
We research to understand the marketplace and competitive landscape;
We develop the strategy, set objectives and develop a comprehensive and creative marketing plan;
We implement and activate!
We evaluate and measure results to ensure objectives are met.

Who we help

We work with a variety of businesses, properties and associations, varying from charitable organisations to sports teams and corporations.
Although our clients have ranged in size from small clubs to large corporations, our niche is helping small and medium sized clients.

We keep our active client list small so that we can focus on your needs, and give you the service you deserve.